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Waterloo Locksmith Locks Duty

Waterloo Locksmith Locks Duty

Some front door locks require you to specify the handing of your door. This often a source of confusion for may consumers. There are many different ways to hand a door. So to make it easy for you, simply follow these guidelines. If you do not order the correct hand hardware it will not fit. To determine the handing of your door always stand on the outside of your door.

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Mortise locks require a pocket in the edge of the door. The “Mortise Pocket” is where the body of the lock will be. Installing a Mortise Lock can be tricky and requires precise measurements and attention to detail. If you decide on a mortise lock you may want to have a qualified installer do the work for you.

Cylindrical locks are the most common type of front door hardware. Cylindrical locks normally require two holes drilling into the face of the door for installation. There are two different types of cylindrical front door locks, sectional and monolithic.

Sectional locks are where the deadbolt is separate from the bottom handle. Sectional locks allow for the holes in your door to be at any distance apart and they still fit. Monolithic locks are locks that have a plate on the outside where the deadbolt is connected to the bottom handles. Monolithic locks require that the holes in the door be a certain distance apart for the lock to fit.

For cylindrical locks from the outside, while facing the door if the hinges are on your right you need a right hand lock. For mortise locks you need to also consider if the door swings in our out. While standing on the outside of your door, and facing the door the hinges are on your left and the door swings in the handing would be a left hand in-swing.

Once you understand what are your needs, shopping for new front door hardware can be easy. Waterloo Locksmith Locks Duty is around the area at all times, with our vans full with all tools and supplies, ready to help. Call us 24/7!