Urgent Locksmith Ingersoll

Urgent Locksmith Ingersoll is always here to help any of you, when calling for our team to help with a door, a lock or a key at your property. A home door, a garage door, a sliding patio door, or any other door and its locks, is our Urgent Locksmith Ingersoll specialty. Call today for our Urgent Locksmith Ingersoll to come to your help!

Urgent Locksmith Ingersoll

Urgent Locksmith Ingersoll


 We will take care of any kind of door you have on your property. Handle, lock, frame, hinge and everything that has to do with a door; our team knows how to repair, replace and install. You may feel free to call for our team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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A broken or damaged door handle means that you do not have a doorstop installation; or that the one you had in place, fell down or broke. A door stop helps to stop doors from banging into walls. A missing doorstop means that sooner or later the wall will get a dent; by the door handle. Either of the two most common types of doorstop can be installed in minutes—which is a lot faster than a wall repair.

If you want to try it yourself, here are few steps to follow. Close the door, then use an old straight-slot screwdriver to gently pry up and remove the top hinge pin. Install the doorstop over the hinge, then reinstall the pin. For heavy doors, install another doorstop in the bottom hinge. Tap the hinge pin(s) back in and adjust the desired “travel” of the door (not less than 90 degrees) by turning the threaded set screw in or out.

If you invest less than five minutes and a few dollars you can install either a hinge-mounted or a fixed-post doorstop. Hinge-mounted stops are easy to install. Hang the stop in the top hinge of the door. Installing stops that screw into baseboards is equally simple. To avoid having the doorstop punch a hole in a hollow-core door; install the stop so it hits the door no farther than 1-1/2 in. in from either the edge or the bottom of the door.

Fixing any door parts needs proper tools and experience; so if you wish to be sure that the job is done right, fast and with an affordable price, call Urgent Locksmith Ingersoll.