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Urgent Guelph Locksmith can work side by side with you on repairing, installing or maintaining a door, a lock and even a safe. Call for our Urgent Guelph Locksmith to provide the lock, door and key service you are looking for. Our Urgent Guelph Locksmith has teams all around the city, to be able to help you at any moment.

Urgent Guelph Locksmith

Urgent Guelph Locksmith

An older home may have a doorway that is out of square or out of plumb so that the door opens or closes by itself. Purchase a spring hinge, which can be adjusted to correct the problem. You can also adjust a door slightly to the left or the right by bending the hinge knuckles. With the door closed slip an adjustable wrench over the door leaf only—not the jamb leaf—and bend.

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If a hinge pin is stuck and will not come out when you tap it with a screwdriver; first try squirting with penetrating lubricant. Wait about 10 minutes and try tapping again. If it still will not come out, it may be easier to remove the screws from one leaf; which will allow you to remove the door.

It is usually easiest to replace a rusty hinge. However, if the hinge is of a style that is hard to replace; disassemble it and clean with solvent and a toothbrush. Allow to dry, then polish with very fine sandpaper. Apply lubricant and reassemble. 

It is easier for you, saving also time and money if you call for our service. Our team is available 24/7 and will reach your place in 20 minutes to provide you with the service needed.

Door installation and repair takes some time, tools, skills and experience; together with the knowledge of how doors work. Our services can come to you 24/7 and help with a new storm door installation or the repair of the door and the door’s hardware. Our mobile teams at  are on standby 24/7 to come to your assistance. Call us now for help!

Whether your door is broken or just in need of an update, you can call us to help. You can also learn how to install a new one with a little patience and basic skills. Urgent Guelph Locksmith is always available to come to your help.