Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Wellesley

Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Wellesley is ready and on call 24/7 to come and help with any kind of problems a door or a lock gives you. Our Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Wellesley has the best solutions to any kind of door and lock problem. Call for our Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Wellesley today to help!

Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Wellesley

Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Wellesley

If you have a problem with a door that doesn’t close smoothly; or never opens without sticking, scraping or binding; chances are it’s out of alignment in the door frame. The fix is usually simple and our team can take care of the problem in minutes.

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We align the door following few steps. If it is a bi-fold door, then we loosen the top pivot bracket setscrew; with a screwdriver. Slide the bracket in the track until the door is parallel to the jamb and tighten the setscrew firmly. We close the door and look along the edge of the door as it lines up with the frame. The door edge and frame should line up nice and parallel.

Most often the problem is a loosened top pivot and bracket, which allowed the door to slip sideways out of alignment. Then, we open the door and then loosen the setscrew for the top bracket slightly with a screwdriver. Then close it again. We push or pull the top of the closed door to align its edge parallel to the frame, close the door to check for smooth operation and see how the doors meet. Open the door gently so the pivot doesn’t slip, then tighten the setscrew. We may have to repeat these steps a few times with both doors to get the “perfect” result.

If the door binds against the lower part of the frame, we check the bottom pivot and bracket next; looking for a worn edge on the door and scrape marks on the door frame. The bottom pivot often loosens and slips. We then raise the door slightly to shift the pivot in or out; or loosen the setscrew and shift the bracket seat, depending on the type of hardware you have. Sometimes the entire bracket comes loose because the mounting screws are stripped, broken or missing. If so, we will need to remove the door to fix these. 

Sound easy, but it takes experience and proper tools to perform these functions. Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Wellesley has teams always on call and ready to come to your help.