Vehicles are considered to be one of the most important assets in a person’s portfolio and their safety and security should be taken into careful consideration. Keeping this very thought in mind, car manufacturers have introduced transponder keys, which help in providing reliable security for your vehicles in Quebec.

In this evolving era of science and technology the introduction of transponder keys has created a boom in the automobile sector. These keys are known as automotive ignition keys that are programmed with a unique set of codes. Inbuilt with signal-emitting circuits, these keys work with the help of radio wave frequencies. The circuit has no battery in it but charges itself with the help of radio signals that it receives.

When the chip key is inserted in the ignition lock, it immediately gets connected with the security system that is installed in the car. The smart device sends a message in terms of a signal through radio wave frequency, which is received by the transponder. If the code matches then your car engine will start but if the code is invalid the engine of the car will not start. Thus, only the right keys with the correct code will only work. The keys that come with the car are transponder keys and these cannot be duplicated at any cost. In a nut shell you can say that each transponder key is designed and programmed for only for a particular and specific car. No two keys are alike and hence the underlying safety and security of your vehicle is assured. These keys also help in eradicating the role of car thieves in the world.

We all know that with any other key you cannot start the engine of your car because the code will not be recognized by the car security device. This ensures maximum security of your vehicle. Each and every key is designed and programmed with a different code, which means that you can not operate your car with another key. Secondly, the user can also lock as well as unlock the door by just pressing a single button. Another benefit of the transponder keys is that you can operate it from a short distance with ease. For example, if you have forgotten to lock the door and have walked far away from the car, the very moment you can turn around and press the lock button and the car will immediately get locked. Lastly, no one can open the door or start the engine in an unauthorized manner. The device which is installed inside the car is also equipped with an alarm, which will start hooting if any intruder tries to enter you car.

If your vehicle is installed with a transponder key then you should have at least one extra set of spare keys to avoid inconvenience in case the original gets lost. An extra key is always provided by the car manufacturing company at the time you purchase the vehicle. You should keep the alternate transponder key safely to make sure that when one is misplaced or broken the second set can be used and any inconvenience can be avoided. If your original key is lost and you are in a dilemma then do not panic and straight away make a call to a mobile locksmith in Quebec, who can easily replace the transponder key and help you to overcome this situation. They are experienced enough to program the device efficiently, which will also save your time as well as money.

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