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Not all garage doors are the same. Doors need to be ordered to fit the measurements taken in the garage. A little knowledge can go a long way, so take this opportunity to call us to have answers to these problems. As a company with experience which also knows the merits of functional garage doors; and the dangers of poorly maintained ones, we  are always here to help. When you must replace the existing garage door, it’s wise to call us, the local professionals.


Thornton Best Garage Door Repair Company

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The weight of the door will determine the size of components. Weather conditions will be a major determinant as well. Under normal conditions, the size of the tracks must be in accordance with the requirements; of the door and furthermore the size of the garage door rollers must be chosen; in accordance with the door’s weight but they must also fit perfectly in the tracks. The size of the springs and their power will also go in accordance with the needs of the door; and so will the opener, which is measured by the motor’s horsepower.

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Call our garage door repair professionals today to provide your garage door system with the recommended service; and maintenance procedures for smooth and reliable operation. measure the ceiling, the side parts and the space outside. It will definitely depend on what type of door you want to get. An overhead door has to be of the right height. The door will open along the ceiling and the backroom must suffice for full opening. If the door will swing outwards, you must have the space in the driveway; or the door won’t open fully.

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Thornton Best Garage Door Repair Company professionals are here for you; whether you want to fix your existing garage door or buy a new garage door. It’s also important to measure the opening of the garage and think whether you have changed cars. There must be enough space for the car to pull through and for the garage door tracks.

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