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You want to have a safe property, and we are the number one helper in this area. We can install anything from a simple lock to an alarm system.

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An entry code is just as vulnerable as a physical key to misuse through careless distribution. Smart home owners (and renters) have a master key for each lock that can be copied; all the others should be stamped “Do not duplicate.” And if you have an electronic or key-less entry system, you need to teach your children that the alarm or entry code is not to be shared!

Families with older children face a problem not of curiosity but of carelessness: security just doesn’t matter to teenagers who believe in their own invulnerability. Parents go out, locking the door. The teenage son comes home, unlocks the door, turns on some music, and waits for his friends to come by. And what happens? The friends come in, too. So now they’re all in the house with the music blasting (or headphones on); and an unlocked door inviting anyone to walk right in.

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Teaching children the importance of security is as important as installing the right system of locks and alarms; for your house. Very few people leave an extra key under the doormat or over the sill these days; and even parents with latch key kids don’t like having to give house keys to children too early. But whether you protect your house with traditional locks or a state-of-the-art key-less entry and alarm system; it’s more important than ever to impress upon children at an early age that security isn’t just the right equipment; it’s an ongoing process.

Whenever you have house guests, change the codes while they’re there and again after they leave. And if you happen to run across my friends and their daughter.  Specialty Stratford Locksmith will come and install any kind of lock or security system on your doors. Call us for help 24/7!