Specialty Locksmiths Richmond Hill

Specialty Locksmiths Richmond Hill will come to your home and install n alarm system, a lock or an intercom, to keep you safe in your property. Call for our fats local and monile Specialty Locksmiths Richmond Hill units for help. We are coming to your place as fast as 15 to 20 minutes. Call us now!

Specialty Locksmiths Richmond Hill

Specialty Locksmiths Richmond Hill

We are here to help you get the best service around the area. Door intercom systems are specifically designed to safely identity visitors before answering the door. Room to room intercoms, on the other hand, are principally designed to communicate–typically audio only–from one room of a house or office to another. These are not exclusive categories, There are some intercom systems which can offer both capabilities;  however, most of the time this is not what the application demands.

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The basic video intercom system will consist of a handset and 4-inch monitor. Also a black and white doorbell camera with integral intercom and a power supply for the handset/monitor. The handset features a Speak, View, and often, a Door Release button. Today’s cameras usually offer IR illumination. It provides night vision through bright LEDs that are mounted on the doorbell camera.

The more advanced home intercom models will offer color cameras, which will be color during day and black and white at night. Other features such as 32-picture memory with time and date stamp are available to show you who was at door even when you are not at home. These intercom systems will also be hands-free so there is no handset to pick up. Monitor controls for brightness, sharpness, speaker volume and chime volume may not be available on the more basic models. Door status monitoring is also often not available on some of the economy models.

An important consideration is installation wiring and distance. Often the economy intercom systems will require a 4-conductor cable between the monitor and the doorbell station. However, existing doorbell wiring is usually two wires, and here what appears to be the more expensive intercom system that only requires two wires may turn out to be the best deal when you add the labor in to run and pull new cable.

Specialty Locksmiths Richmond Hill will help you install such a system fast and also with cost effective prices. Call us now for help!