Specialty Emergency Locksmiths Kitchener

Specialty Emergency Locksmiths Kitchener is here for you coming to make sure that only you have the key to your property. Many times people forget who they gave keys to, and Specialty Emergency Locksmiths Kitchener team is here to make sure you are the only one with access to your property. Call us now for help!

Specialty Emergency Locksmiths Kitchener

Specialty Emergency Locksmiths Kitchener

Restricted keys are a key that you can only get cut if you have the registration card or are the authorized person to get them cut. Why would you want these types of keys ? The main advantage is it prevents unwanted copies being made but there are more advantages too. Imagine you are having work done on your house by a builder.

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You give him a key for convenience. At the end of the contract you can get the key back knowing 100% that no copies have been made, therefore no worries about if he had keys cut. Many a time we see customers who want their locks changed. This, because they think somebody may have had a copy of a key cut. This can cost you when it does not need to.

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Another great use of restricted keys is on the communal entrance doors of apartments. Only the owners of the apartments will have keys cut thus restricting unwanted visitors in the block.
Another great benefit is that it can help prevent the latest criminal method of entry called “bumping” ; (a quick Google will bring up hundreds of sites showing you how to do it and also selling you the keys to do it with !).
A bump key is only effective if it can go into the lock.

This means it needs to be a key blank that fits that lock. For someone to make a bump key for a restrict key lock they  have to actually get access to a such a key first. As you decide who has the keys that solves that problem ! Specialty Emergency Locksmiths Kitchener is always around your area, is local and mobile. Call us for any question you have. Call us 24/7 for any door, lock and key issues. We solve them all, fast and affordable.