Specialty 24 Hour Locksmith Wellesley

Specialty 24 Hour Locksmith Wellesley knows that one of the most common reasons for lockouts is damaged keys, for which frequent inspection and repair is the best solution. Call our Specialty 24 Hour Locksmith Wellesley team for 24/7 help and 15 to 20 minutes arrival time at your place.

Specialty 24 Hour Locksmith Wellesley

Specialty 24 Hour Locksmith Wellesley

Sticky door locks, or keys may fail to work or get stuck in the knob. This happens when the cylinder inside a door lock is blocked. The magic happens inside the cylinder. It controls its overall mechanism. A corrupted cylinder can result in a host of problems including the key not turning in the lock. This in most cases requires professional help, but here are a few things you can try.

Using the wrong key happens too!  This is actually one of the most common problems when it comes to a failed door lock cylinder. The key and cylinder work hand in hand and if either is on the verge of wearing out, you may find yourself using excessive force to unlock the door. If the issue is neglected and not taken care off immediately, it may result in an irreparable cylinder and door lock.

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Another symptom of a failing door lock cylinder is that the key will not turn in the lock. There may be several things that might cause this issue, most notably the teeth inside the door lock are worn out, and as a result aren’t able to accept the key. You can try to remove the key and reinsert it and hope for the best, but eventually you will have to get the issue looked at professionally before it worsens. Door locks sometimes freeze up owing to everyday use and accumulation of dirt. Or maybe keys are not working anymore.

Reasons for your key getting stuck in the lock could vary from a frozen key to damaged door lock cylinder. This issue is mostly caused by worn out or damaged keys or a deteriorating lock cylinder. It is always a good time to replace your keys and get your lock inspected.

Keeping spare keys handy is perhaps the best way out of a lockout situation. There are several ways to go about this. Keeping a spare key in your wallet. Keep one in an item of clothing you wear daily. Keep one even at an easily accessible discreet location near your home. You shouldn’t have to make several duplicate keys, but it is a good idea to at least leave one with a person you trust such as a family member or neighbor.

Specialty 24 Hour Locksmith Wellesley has mobile vans with tools and equipment that can help you in any lockout. A phone call will arrange help reaching you in 20 minutes. We work 24/7, so call us now!