Specialty 24 Hour Locksmith Cambridge

Specialty 24 Hour Locksmith Cambridge is providing quality supplies, fast work and great services all around the clock. At any time you want help with a lock, a door or a key, call for our Specialty 24 Hour Locksmith Cambridge team to come to your help in 20 minutes or less. Call us for help now!

Specialty 24 Hour Locksmith Cambridge

Specialty 24 Hour Locksmith Cambridge

A lock is a generic term just as a car is. You don’t just buy any car, you choose a car after learning which has good value and fits your needs. The same should be with the lock on your front door which protects you, your valuables and your loved ones as well.

We are here for you right now – call us all of the 24/7 for help!

In 95% of the times our customers have the same “standard” locks as almost everyone has on their home. These locks are from the cheapest material; some are even made of plastic! These locks are usually purchased at the large hardware vendors . As an emergency locksmith this is great, we have no difficulty at all unlocking any customer’s door.

Our daily routine as a mobile locksmith leads us across all kinds of customers. Lately we have been receiving “educated” consumers.  “Educated” because there are a few things that one should learn before replacing his or her locks.

This is where high security locks play a roll. The high security brand we offer here at A & A is Mul-T-Lock. This brand carries a solid reputation for over three decades now and provides the best security for any home or business owner. So what’s so special about these locks? Well for starters the build quality is exceptional; they are solid brass rather than hollow tin like your standard common lock.

The deadbolt which is one of the most popular products we sell has a bolt which retracts a complete inch within your door frame. In addition this bolt has ball bearings on both sides of it which interlock with the frame, making it difficult to pry open even with a crow bar. There are steel inserts with a  strategically place to prevent from drilling the lock. Specialty 24 Hour Locksmith Cambridge is always on call, so call us 24/7 for any lock!