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Quality 24 Hour Locksmith Ingersoll

Quality 24 Hour Locksmith Ingersoll


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Installing doors are usually tricky, as doors are heavy and need to be aligned properly in order to provide the protection needed. If you want to do it yourself, keep in mind that installing doors can be a difficult task if you’re not armed with the proper information before you start your project.

There are four methods of installing doors: Removing the Old Door, Prepping the Site and the Door, Installing the New Door Using Brackets and Installing the New Door Using Shims. Getting a few tips and tricks, as well as knowing what tools to use will put you well on your way to a successful project.

We will discuss here how to prep the site and the door. Start by checking your rough opening. This is the width and height of the measurements between the rough framing. Rough openings need to be 2 inches (5 cm) wider and 2 1/2 inches (5.7 cm) taller than the actual door size you will be installing. 

If it’s too big or small you will need to correct it; otherwise it will make for a difficult installation. For example, if you are installing a 30 inch (76 cm) wide door you will need a 32 inch (81 cm) wide rough opening. A normal sized door, 80 inches (200 cm) in height, would need an 82-1/2 inch (~209 cm) tall opening.

Prep the door for installation. Remove any packing or shipping bands that are still attached to the door. Sleeves on the sides of doors should also be removed. Remove the lock brace from the side of the door; failure to do this now will result in a whole lot of hassle later.

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