Ontario Locksmith Ayr

Ontario Locksmith Ayr can replace any lock and key with a better model and keep you safe in your car, home or office. Call for our Ontario Locksmith Ayr today!

Ontario Locksmith Ayr

Ontario Locksmith Ayr


Depending on the type of the key, the make and model of the vehicle; the price of a replacement will fluctuate. If you’re looking to get a standard key made with no programming component; it might not cost you a significant sum. However, remote key fobs, transponder keys, proximity keys can significantly cost more.

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If you’ve lost the only set of keys to your car, call us. You can think that there is no choice except paying for an expensive replacement; and forget about using your car for the next few days. Or is there? If you approach our locksmith for the same; then chances are, you can knock off a couple hundred bucks from the total auto key replacement price; and also get it delivered in a short span.

Our locksmith’s entire trade revolves around locks & keys and we are no strangers; to dealing with the complex car keys in use today. Despite having the wherewithal to carry out the task; the fact is that most individuals prefer opting for authorized dealers than a locksmith; even though the outcome is the same, if not superior.

This fact is exploited by most dealers and customers are often overcharged without hesitance. Opening up to alternatives can save car owners a lot of money on replacements. Our team has a specialized automotive locksmith division ; and that means – yes, we make car keys too. And not at the prices your car dealer charges, but at several times lesser! Also, your dealership or online key replacement portals will rarely be of help; when you’re in need of keys on an urgent basis. We can make most keys within an hour; and we’ll have them delivered anywhere you need it in the area.

Don’t believe us?  Call Ontario Locksmith Ayr and talk to our locksmiths to know auto key replacement prices upfront!