Ontario Emergency Locks Smiths Waterloo

Ontario Emergency Locks Smiths Waterloo will install a lock at your home, car or office, and we can also install a safe inside your property. For anything that has a lock on it and you want help, call for our Ontario Emergency Locks Smiths Waterloo. Call Ontario Emergency Locks Smiths Waterloo to help you today!

Ontario Emergency Locks Smiths Waterloo

Ontario Emergency Locks Smiths Waterloo


 if you want to install door knobs, you will need to drill a hole; that corresponds to the size of the face plate of the knob so that it fits in there perfectly; whereas, with the lever locks, you merely need to drill a small hole; that allows the spindle to pass through from one side to the other.

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After the holes have been drilled and the spindle goes through the lock; the next step involves screwing the interior and exterior sections of the lock into the door. This completes one part of the lock installation process. The strike for the lock is next.

This process of cutting out the strike is similar to the steps above. Measure the throw of the bolt ; and drill that corresponding length into the door frame. Keep in mind that the strike is to be on the same level; as the latch bolt lock that is already into the door. This is to ensure that once the door closes the latch will be resting flush within the strike.

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We are going to guide you through some steps of installing the deadbolts yourself. Remember, we are always here to help – just give Ontario Emergency Locks Smiths Waterloo a call, any time! You can always call us, as we are answering day and night, weekend or holiday, all the 24/7!