Ontario Emergency Locks Smiths Kitchener

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Ontario Emergency Locks Smiths Kitchener

Ontario Emergency Locks Smiths Kitchener

The importance of choosing the right lock with the appropriate features; cannot be overstated. This is an important facet of making sure that your property stays as secure as possible.

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It is important to choose a deadbolt that is of adequate length. It is crucial to note that the length of the deadbolt, and the throw of the deadbolt; are two different things altogether. Make sure that these different components are not mix up. The length of the deadbolt refers to its entire length; whereas the throw of the deadbolt refers to just how far the bolt extends out of the edge of the door.

It is very easy for these two distances to get mix up. It is best that the deadbolt you use on your door, have a minimum throw of 1”. For more security it is always possible to get deadbolts that have longer throws; which in turn makes it much more difficult for the door to be bypassed.

In addition to these, you have to look for locks that have been crafted; to withstand various forms of damage. For instance, some locks are anti-drill locks and others have saw resistant bolts. These bolts make it much harder for burglars and criminals to bypass the locks of your door; by using forceful entry methods. Saw resistant bolts are deadbolts that come  with anti-saw pins; which spin back and forth throughout the length of the saw blade ;and this makes it very hard for the deadbolt to be sawed through.

The manufactures makes anti-drill locks  by placing hard steel chips within the casing of the lock; and directly within the path that a drill would take to damage a lock. These steel plates work against the drill; and more often than not, damage the drill to prevent it from damaging the lock.


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