Ontario Emergency Locks Smith Waterloo

Ontario Emergency Locks Smith Waterloo makes things easier for you, by coming to your help with any lock or door problem. Call Ontario Emergency Locks Smith Waterloo today for a fast and reliable service!

Ontario Emergency Locks Smith Waterloo

Ontario Emergency Locks Smith Waterloo

Our service is here for you to help with choosing and installing the right lock to your doors.  We are available 24/7, all days of the year. Call our services, so our team can come to you and help.

We are here for you all the 24/7!

Now, that you have the latch bolt locks to install, we will guide you through the process; in case you would like to go ahead and do it yourself.

To begin the process of drilling holes, you have to measure and mark on the door few spots. First, locate where you want the handle on the door; and then mark of these points square around the door. The first hole that will be drilled into the door is the hole for the latch. It is important to find the center of the door edge; that coincides with the points you have a mark across the door; so that you can drill through it with a spade bit. Measure the length of the back of your lock; and mark the corresponding length on the head of the drill.  

Our professional locksmith have the necessary tools to carry out this lock installation process; and they know just how to handle all the steps. It is important to measure the length of the back so that you do not drill too far back into the door.

Once you have the desired depth for the latch, you have to chisel out the proper shape; so that the lock can fit properly into the door. Chiseling out the desired shape is a pretty easy affair; that involves tracing out the outline of the bolt, and then chiseling around the hole; that is in with the spade bit. The same step is followed to chisel out the plate surrounding the bolt. After you have made the required holes for the depth of the latch; you will need to drill the holes that allow you to set up the levers/knobs on both sides of the door. This is done differently; depending on which type of door handle you decide to go with.

Keep in mind that our Ontario Emergency Locks Smith Waterloo team is always here to help!