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Ontario Emergency Locks Smith Cambridge

Ontario Emergency Locks Smith Cambridge

Deadbolt locks can be installed on their own, or they can be added to doors; that already have latch bolt locks. They are making doors more secure. Installing a deadbolt will make use of specific tools.

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The most important aspect of the installation is making sure to drill the hole properly into the door. If it is not done the right way, the door might splinter and it will get damage. To properly saw through the hole, make sure that you have your starting points; and mark them so you have a guide to follow. Proceed to drill through one side of the door, and only drill half way through.

Next, begin drilling on the opposite side, and drill all the way through to the section; that you saw off first. If you make the mistake of sawing through only one side, you run a risk of destroying the door in the process.

The next step involves using the drill with the spade bit to drill a hole; through the edge of the door, so you can install the latch into it. Then, clean them out and chisel the edges so that they line up with the shape and style of the lock. Insert the latch through the edge of the door and screw it in. Before placing the casing of the lock over the lock and the tailpiece ; it is best to make sure that the bolt can be extended and retracted. 

Next up, drill a hole into the door frame so you can set the strike plate upon it. Once again, make sure that depth of the hole; in the door frame corresponds to the throw of the deadbolt; not the actual length of the deadbolt, but the throw of the deadbolt. Continue to finish setting up the lock on the door. 

Make sure that the tailpiece of the cylinder lines up properly inside the lock; and that the bolts of the turn knob also line up on the opposite side. Essentially you want their internal components to be parallel to each other; to make sure that the lock works without a problem. Your new lock installation is over

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