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Old Toronto Car Key Replacement Company will start your car when the ignition is broken or when you need a key extraction from the ignition. Our Old Toronto Car Key Replacement Company comes to wherever you are in the area, all of the 24/7, ready to help with your car key. Old Toronto Car Key Replacement Company ha all parts and machine needed to provide the car key for most makes and models. Call us for help 24/7!



Old Toronto Car Key Replacement Company



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Whether it is being in a lock out of your home or office; having broken and lost keys, in need of cutting spare keys and more; we are here to help you. We have emergency locksmith services 24/7 and attend to your requirements wherever required within a fast time.


Old Toronto Car Key Replacement Company


Call Us For Help At (647) 812-6546

Our mobile locksmiths make your life much easier by coming to you. We make sure to stock our vans with all sort of car keys, remotes and fobs; so when you need quick help, even at night, we will have the right part in stock for you. If you have a car, truck, or van from  recent years; you may have a transponder key for unlocking and starting your vehicle. Most newer models of cars have chips in the keys; that will open and more importantly, start the car. We have the machines and keys that are able to make copies of your car keys that are chipped. You do not have to worry about your new car key not working; when you get one from us. 

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All of us expect optimal service and that is exactly what you will get!  In the time of a car key, lockout or ignition related issue our locksmiths is the best contact to have. Call now, your issue will be dealt with in a fast, courteous manner. Our car key replacement service is a service provided by our team 24 hours a day; at any time you call for our assistance. Once you lose your original key it is going to be much more expensive to get a new key; made if you do not have a spare key to make a copy from. 

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Old Toronto Car Key Replacement Company can solve any car key problem for you, quickly, professionally and for a highly competitive price. Our team has experience in helping you with any kind of car key you need. With most of your older models of cars, you will easily be able to take your key and be able to make copies of them; at just about any place. If you have a newer car model, it is not as easy to get copies of your keys unless you call us.

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