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Newcastle Car Key Replacement Company team has experience with making a new key and you can get it in minutes, at reasonable costs. Our Newcastle Car Key Replacement Company is available to make a new car key, at any time of the day or night you call us. Newcastle Car Key Replacement Company is making car keys of all types and models, irrespective of what make or model your vehicle is.  Call for us any time – we are here right now!


Newcastle Car Key Replacement Company



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We will provide you with new keys if yours are lost, stolen or broken in the lock.  Our service will also extract the broken key pieces from the ignition, and even repair the ignition if needed. You may already know from your dealer when you bought your car; that the keys to it don’t come in cheap and to be extra careful while handling them.


Newcastle Car Key Replacement Company


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Chip key replacements are expensive because in addition to comprising of a key blade; these modern marvels of technology incorporate a minuscule chip; that requires extensive amount of programming to make it work. It is not simple, and that’s why it’s not cheap either. However, there’s one way you can get a chip key replacement without shelling out a significant amount ; and that’s by hiring our locksmith. Call our team at  24/7 to come and help you on the spot with anything lock and key car related problems.

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 If you lost your keys or need an extra, your first though would be to turn to your authorized car dealer. It’s a viable, and the most rational option you can think of. However, keys made at your dealership rarely come cheap. We’re here to tell you that it’s better to leave issues related to the locks and keys of your cars; to those who’ve spent their entire life’s work dedicated to the craft – and that’s our locksmiths.  Our service and our locksmith teams are ready at any moment to come to your help.  

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Newcastle Car Key Replacement Company knows that accidents tend to happen. Being the small components that they are, it’s quite easy to misplace keys. Our locksmiths have a special division dedicated to tackling automotive lock and key issues; we make car keys too.  We are here  for all your automotive locksmith needs, 24/7!

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