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If you notice your garage door won’t stay down, it is hard to close or open, you’ll need to fix it immediately. It could cause injuries that can be harmful to you and your family. Fixing the issue depends on the brand of your garage door opener. Every opener has travel adjustments; in fact, most brands come equipped with two set screws on the side of the housing unit. However, other brands may include trip levers, which can help adjust settings as needed.

Mount Brydges Best Garage Door Repair Company

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From adjusting the limit settings to moving any obstructions, fixing your garage door is easy and simple. One of the most common reasons garage doors won’t fully close is because the limit settings are misaligned. That means that the limits are telling the garage door that it’s open; however, it’s closed. This miscommunication comes from the system thinking when the door hits the ground; it’s actually hitting an obstruction sending the door back open.

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When you’re looking for how to get garage door repair help; your budget is always something you should keep in mind. Our teams are all experts in the field and we have prices that fit any budget. Also, offering the best service in the area, we are fast to arrive to your side any time you call. We provide up front prices and will let you know what your options are; before starting to work. This way, you know what to expect in price and time of repair as well.

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Mount Brydges Best Garage Door Repair Company is always on call if you need our help. Some sensors are very sensitive, and even the slightest rattle can shift them out of alignment. Garage doors are designed to reverse in order to prevent accidents from occurring. If you find your garage door closes then suddenly jerks to an open position, it may be triggered by an object blocking its path. Coming to your side in only 15 to 20 minutes from your call; our teams are available right now!

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