A commercial locksmith Montreal service expert performs work on security features and locks for commercial businesses. Mobile or private locksmiths work for vehicle owners or residential owners and a commercial locksmith may have solely commercial clients and institutional ones.

Commercial and institutional clients may carry out a background check to ensure that the person they engage has no criminal record.

Typical Responsibilities

  • installing new locks
  • rekeying locks
  • researching and understanding new security systems
  • emergency lockout response
  • lock repair, changing and replacement
  • safe and vault installation, combination changes and relocation
  • keyless entry systems for fingerprints or keypad digital controls
  • master key services including chart creation
  • door closures and exit devices
  • panic and burglar bars/hardware
  • file cabinet and desk locks

Most new businesses or bought businesses find it wise to install new locks. Modern security technology allows for keyless locks. It may be necessary if there is a former disgruntled employee or a lock just needs replacement. These professionals need to be up to date and knowledgeable about lock varieties.

Other types of assistance include extracting keys that break off or get stuck inside locks in offices. Lockouts are unpredictable and happen without warning and a one of these professionals will have to be on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer such emergency situations.

Commercial Clients

All businesses qualify as commercial clients whether they are small, medium or large businesses. The customers could be office blocks, retail stores, institutions such as colleges, clubhouses, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, condominium and apartments. The locksmith Montreal company can also offer monthly or annual security audits for businesses. This can cover security checks for all window and door locks and maintenance of security systems such as alarm systems, CCTV camera surveillance systems and other devices. Fire safety audits that involve security devices that are fire responsive should also be done.

Master Key System

This is a service offered by a locksmith to your business that has various benefits. If you have many offices and departments and need access as the manager or business owner, master keys will be the solution for you. This way a business manager or business owner can adequately control access by employees to certain areas and facilities.

Some of the benefits that master key services by your commercial locksmith service provider can offer to your business include:

  • no access portal needed
  • facility restriction and key protection
  • manipulation of locking systems eliminated
  • no more bulky key chains

Contact a commercial locksmith Montreal service specialist who will effectively assist with office lockouts and other emergencies and repairs.

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