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Minute Locksmith Scarborough understands how frustrating and critical it can be when you are in a lock out of your property. Our Minute Locksmith Scarborough professionals always try nondestructive ways of entering your property first. Minute Locksmith Scarborough offers expert lock repair and replacement across the area . Call us for help 24/7!


Minute Locksmith Scarborough



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Does not matter what type of lock you have, if it’s broken, we can repair it.  Contact us whenever you have problems with a lock, and we will be anywhere in approximately 20 minutes. Most of the time, if you have a defective lock, it’s better for your security to just replace it with a newer and better one; but there are some cases when a small fix will let you use the old lock without changing it.



Minute Locksmith Scarborough



Call Us For Help At (647) 812-6546

A broken lock is a security risk and should be repaired as soon as possible. A common technique used by burglars is known as lock-snapping; which involves applying the right amount of force to a particular type of lock to literally snap the lock in half; to expose the locking mechanism. This mechanism can then be tampered with to gain entry to the premises. If you have been a victim to this kind of attack our locksmiths can not only help repair the damage to the door; but replace the lock with a new anti-snap cylinder, specifically built to stop; any further attempts to gain access to your property. 

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We can also help you to get back into your property should you lose your keys; or suffer damage to your locks while you are off-site.  We understand that locks and security can let you down at the most inopportune moment. Whether it’s a door that doesn’t lock when it’s time to head home from your workplace; or not being able to gain access to your private residence on the weekend; our team can be with you in next to no time, in any weather; on practically any day of the year.  

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Minute Locksmith Scarborough professionals make themselves available to help you 24/7 and all of our rates are up-front. All the work we quote for is usually on a fixed price basis; which means there are no surprises once the work is finished. What you are quoted is what you will pay – that is our commitment to you as a customer. Should you be unfortunate enough to be affected by a break-in or criminal damage, you may need repairs to your windows, double glazing units or doors instantly.  Don’t worry, we have it all covered.  Once you’ve arranged a visit, we can quickly get to work on making things right and restore your peace of mind. We are always on hand when you need us most and can help out with any emergency locksmith issues.  

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