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Minute Locksmith Richmond Hill team of locksmiths are well-qualified and experienced in the field. Our Minute Locksmith Richmond Hill mobile units stock your favorite high-security systems and lock brands so that you can keep your family as safe as possible. Minute Locksmith Richmond Hill patrols the local region 24/7  and is here for you when you need us. Call us for help 24/7!


Minute Locksmith Richmond Hill


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Whether you want to re-key your store locks, office, car or home locks, we are here to help! Our mobile locksmiths is fast and reliable, and you can count on us to take care of the job. We make sure all technicians are fully licensed, bonded, and insured before they get to work on the job. When we arrive with all the tools and equipment we will get to the job fast and maintain a high standard with all the work we do. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can call  any time!


Minute Locksmith Richmond Hill


Call Us For Help At (289) 470-0292

Take in consideration our level of skill and training and the modern technology we use with locks and security measures. Do you want to modify your business locking system? Are your keys stuck in the locks? Why not consider setting up new locks for the doors? Would you like to unlock your file cabinet locks? We have  all the answers to these issues and more; for your requirements and for your organization’s needs. Our team will provide you all types of business locksmith services which you may require.

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We know that people need locksmiths for many different needs and occasions; so we offer a wide and vast array of locksmith services. There is something in our service for everyone, whether you need residential services, commercial services, or automotive services. When we service homes, we are fully aware that you and your family are counting on us to keep your home safe. That is why we take extra care to make sure that your home is safe.  The primary benefit, regardless of your specific needs; is to have a professional locksmith that can be at your disposal on a 24-hour basis ;including holidays and weekends.

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Minute Locksmith Richmond Hill will show up at your location in no more than 20 minutes. Our locksmiths know what they are doing and you can trust them to not damage your property; or your locks in any way while working. We provide our locksmiths all educational material they need to keep up with changing trends in the industry.

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