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Minute Locksmith Dundas offers free of charge estimates to any lock and door work on your premises. Our Minute Locksmith Dundas will have a team coming to your place to serve all locks and doors around your property. Minute Locksmith Dundas is awake at night if you need help. having a team on call at all times. Call us for help 24/7!



Minute Locksmith Dundas



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There is no lock we cannot repair or replace and our team is qualified to handle electronic locks and safes too. We may be able to suggest some options you had not considered before. Our teams will do our very best to guide you along choosing the best protective services. We offer some of the fastest response times in the area. Make the most of our lock and door options right now!



Minute Locksmith Dundas



Call Us For Help At (289) 470-0292

We offer expert lock repair and replacement across the area and beyond.  If you have a lock that has jammed, is sticking or has stopped working completely, our locksmiths will help. We also understand how frustrating and critical it can be when you cannot gain access to your property or vehicle or if you cannot secure your property sufficiently. Professional assistance is recommended, because someone who isn’t experienced can do more harm than good; and you can put yourself in danger. When you call our 24-hour service you will speak to a fully trained and experienced locksmith; who will take details of your problem and assess the job over the telephone.

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One of our locksmiths will then travel to your property and confirm the price with you before any work is started. We can repair or replace your lock, and you’ll definitely be able to re-enter your property; and it will be fully secure before we leave. Our locksmiths are used to emergency call-outs. Buying a new house is always a great investment. Keeping it safe is a must. A great and cheap way to keep it safe, is to rekey the locks or to install new high security locks, on the exterior doors. You do not know who the builder gave keys to do work on the new home. People know when you are moving in, and I do not mean your neighbors. Crooks ride around just looking for the movers. They slide in unnoticed and just walk off with stuff, and you think you lost something and blow it off as a lost item.

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Minute Locksmith Dundas has the experience to provide you with the right hardware and service to secure your premises and replace the one that has failed. Allowing only a professional locksmith handle your locks is mandatory and crucial for the safety of your enterprise.   It is more important than ever that you keep your assets protected. You also have to keep your employees and customers protected. Services such as panic bars are an absolute must to make sure that people are able; to escape your property fast if need be.  In order to take advantage of information, totally free of charge; all you have to do is pick up the phone and dial our number. 

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