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Minute Locksmith Ajax – 24 Hour Service

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Minute Locksmith Ajax will be on its way to your location as soon as you call for help, with a fast arrival time. Our Minute Locksmith Ajax will help you choose the best lock to fit your property, your needs and your budget. Minute Locksmith Ajax works every single day and night, with teams taking turns in being on call. Call us for help 24/7!



Minute Locksmith Ajax



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Lock changes need not be expensive – often all that is needed is a change of levers or a replacement cylinder.  In the event of a lockout, be it at your car, home or office, call us. After you have called us, call a friend or relative, or wait in a safe public place. We will call you when we are nearly there. In many cases, we can get you into your property without causing any damage. We will always use non-destructive methods wherever possible.


Minute Locksmith Ajax


Call Us For Help At (289) 470-0292

 If you call us in time, there are high chances that we will be able to repair your lock without having to replace it. No one likes to find themselves locked out of their home, but if you find yourself in that situation; because we are a local business, we arrive at your side fast. We always try nondestructive ways of entering your property first. Our aim is to get you access to your home without any unnecessary damage to your door or lock. Call us now!  

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We can take not only of doors and locks, nut also install a master key system for your premises. Many businesses can have staff that work in more than one area like. cleaners, caretakers, security staff, delivery staff and more. A master key system can greatly improve the security of an organization by restricting staff access to certain areas; whilst making access to required areas much easier.  Keys can be designed to only allow access to authorized areas. You can count on receiving fast, friendly service by expert technicians at reasonable rates. 

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Minute Locksmith Ajax teams have the right tools and quality material to fix your lock and door problems. In most cases, our locksmiths can gain entry to your property using non-destructive methods which leave your lock intact. However, sometimes a new lock will be required. If you want a master key it can be used to open more than one door. A master key system is a framework of different levels of access controlled by a series of master keys. Each level of access will correspond to doors that can be locked or unlocked. Our team is mobile and ready at any time to come to you and assist with any of lock or door situations. 

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