Lost Car Keys Service Stratford

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Lost Car Keys Service Stratford – 24 Hour Service

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Lost Car Keys Service Stratford has new key on board, to be able to supply a new one or a replacement key as required. Our Lost Car Keys Service Stratford carries a large stock of remote keys on board , to supply and program them at your convenience. Lost Car Keys Service Stratford comes at your chosen location, making a new car key using the latest technologies. Call us for help 24/7!



Lost Car Keys Service Stratford



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With more and more use,  the cut of the key and grooves soften and wear down; altering the structure of the key. As the key becomes more difficult to use people become frustrated and use force; to try and get the key to work better. This causes keys to bend and snap in the lock. By having two or three keys and alternating their use you can reduce wear and tear on a specific key. Contact us for a quote to receive a replacement key before yours breaks.


Lost Car Keys Service Stratford


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Proximity keys provide access to your vehicle whilst being in your pocket or your bag and allowing you; to access and start the vehicle without even touching the key.  While they are convenient, they can also be extremely expensive from the main dealers.  Call for a quote as we can supply, cut and program these keys; typically cheaper than the main dealer is able to.

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If you require a duplicate of your current key, we can often duplicate the transponder; in your current car key to produce a second car key; while you wait and at your chosen location. You may just need to gain access to your vehicle and need a basic key to access your vehicle; we hold a large stock of blank keys therefore keeping the cost to a minimum. We are continually updating  our software and methods so that we remain up to date; with current technology enabling us to deliver the service you would expect.

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Occasionally car keys break but not very often, after all they’re made out of metal. When you find yourself in a situation with a broken car key, it can be extremely inconvenient. You can usually tell when your car key is on its last legs. So, why do we leave it until it’s too late; and the key has either worn out and stops working or it has snapped all together. It’s not always the key that has the wear and tear either; at times it can the  ignition or door barrel which has worn away leaving the key unable to work.  Call us to help you with a new key!

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