Lost Car Keys Service St Thomas

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Lost Car Keys Service St Thomas – 24 Hour Service

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Lost Car Keys Service St Thomas has your safety as primary goal, and will arrive to help you in only 20 minutes. Our Lost Car Keys Service St Thomas emergency service will provide a cheaper car key than the dealership, thanks to our technology . Lost Car Keys Service St Thomas team always has on board the blank keys and the machine needed to provide the service fast and on site. Call for us any time – we are here right now!


Lost Car Keys Service St Thomas



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Many car owners have no idea how much their keys are worth until they lose one, and are shocked when they discover they are up for hundreds of dollars and time off the road just for a key. In addition to the cost, there are waiting times for ordering, cutting and coding the key – which could mean up to a full day off the road. This happens if you go to the dealership to get a new car key. If you call us, we will provide a new car key in minutes and with almost half the price the dealership with charge you.


Lost Car Keys Service St Thomas

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While most dealers will provide a new car owner with two full sets of keys; there’s no legal requirement for them to do so. When we realize we lost our keys, the first instinct is to panic. And then we get angry at ourselves because it happened again. This might help us vent our frustrations, but it won’t help us do a focused and productive search for lost keys. Don’t waste time searching the same places repeatedly, just because the keys are supposed to be there. Instead search systematically and only move to the next room or space; after you thoroughly searched the previous one.

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Self-service key duplication machines, require an existing key. For security purposes, keys made without a spare must be overseen by trained professionals. This prevents criminals from making unauthorized car key duplicates. Lockout situations are no fun at all, and they can become a lot worse if you do something unnecessary out of frustration. While our auto locksmiths carry genuine keys, they also stock after-market keys (which may look different to the original). These work just as well, but cost less. We also carry diagnostic tools that can help reset the car’s computer if both keys are lost.

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