Locksmith Woodstock Essential Window Lock

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Locksmith Woodstock Essential Window Lock

Locksmith Woodstock Essential Window Lock service will let you know the right kind of lock to use on your window. Locksmith Woodstock Essential Window Lock assistance will help you repair old locks or replace them if needed. Our Locksmith Woodstock Essential Window Lock help is provided 24/7, so you can call for our service at any time. Call us now!

Locksmith Woodstock Essential Window Lock

Locksmith Woodstock Essential Window Lock

There are several types of window locks that serve the same function of keeping your window secure, but with varying degrees of security. Let’s take a quick look at some of the types of locks that can be used on the windows of your home.

Keyed Locks

One of the most common types of window locks is the keyed lock. This ensures that the window can only be opened and operated with the proper key being inserted. When choosing the locks for your windows at home, it is best to make sure that there are not too many keys floating around for all your windows. Make sure that you keep the number of keys to a minimum, because this will make it easier to keep track of the keys you use for your windows.

Sliding Locks

These locks are made to fit within the side of the window, or within the track of the window in order to prevent them from sliding open. Sliding locks are easy to assemble, and many home owners love to take advantage of them. They can also be used in conjunction with keyed locks for added home security.

Folding Latch Locks

Many home owners that have double-hung windows in their homes employ the use of folding latch locks. This is because the lock allows the window to open partially when it is engaged. This means that home owners can take advantage of the security it has to offer while still enjoying a well-ventilated room.

Lag Screw Locks

For home owners on a budget, the use of lag screws can come in handy in a number of ways. The use of lag screws is extremely effective, and it is a simple process that any experienced locksmith can carry out. The lag screw locks are operated with the use of a special key that allows the lock to be tightened or loosened to in turn open or close the window.

Window Latch Locks

Latch Locks are considered the most common locks within the industry. The latch is put in place by attaching to one window and then attaching the other part of it to the adjoining window that is closed. Due to the way the latch lock is designed, home owners can lock or unlock their windows at the same time.

For repair or replacement of any kind of window locks, call Locksmith Woodstock. Call us 24/7!