Locksmith Wellesley Saves Locks

Locksmith Wellesley Saves Locks by repairing or re-keying them when it is possible, saving the lock and saving you money. Call for our Locksmith Wellesley Saves Locks  team today for a fast and affordable help, 24/7.

Locksmith Wellesley Saves Locks

Locksmith Wellesley Saves Locks

We will come to your help and provide the door service you need. Call for our  fast door service all of the 24/7 and one of us will show up at your door in 15 to 20 minutes.

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We are always ready to take on any kind of door project, from repair, replace to installation. Our team will take care of all doors around your property, even the pet doors. Call us day or night to help! Door frames are tricky and you have to know how to deal with them. Double door frames are even more trickier, and if you need help, call us.

If you think you can do it by yourself, here are some tips. Installation of locks in a double door frame can be tricky; as any misplacement or sizing of the holes incorrectly can result in the entire door becoming non-functional. Before you install the locks, make sure the doors are as square as possible, by laying them down side by side and using a square level to check them.

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Door hardware will work similar to that of a single door; except it will take extra measuring and a specific kind of lock to be installed on these doors. Specially if you want to have the same kind of handles on both sides. The lock mechanism on these doors will stop them from opening inward by a set of support brackets set in the doorjamb at the hinged edges of the doors. You can also find double deadbolts to install for extra protection for your home or office.

If you want to keep your wood doors from splintering, you should treat them with a weatherproof sealer; or paint and annual applications. This will help you get many years of service from your wood door.

If your wood door is natural, untreated wood, linseed oil will provide adequate protection; while preserving the look of the wood. Locksmith Wellesley Saves Locks  has teams all over the area, with equipment, tools and supplies. Just call us to receive a fast service. Call us 24/7!