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If you want to pursue your career as an automotive toronto locksmith, you need to equip yourself with sophisticated tools to decode and change modern remote keyless entry system. The tool kit must contain equipment like fobs, program software, decoding and key cutting device.

If you are interested in becoming an automotive Locksmith Toronto, you need to get technologically advanced tools and equipment to replace or make the new locks for vehicles. The availability of these tools not only enhance the efficiency of your process but also increase goodwill of your firm. Nowadays, almost all models of vehicles are fitted with advanced remote keyless systems, so a Locksmith Toronto must have all tools that are needed for replacing and decoding the transponder keys.

A car is often an owner’s prized possession and is as dear to him as his nearest ones. While buying a car may be a defining moment in one’s life, it is merely the beginning of a journey and maintaining a car properly is as important as purchasing one. An alarming rise in the number of car thefts can be a cause for concern for every car owner and hence proper security measures must be put in place to prevent any untoward incident with your car. The security of cars can be enhanced using modern technology and most new age cars are built with these measures to keep your car safe.

Car locks in new cars are designed using technology, which uses radio waves. Keyless remotes and transponder keys made for cars are based on this technology. Transmission of signals through radio waves is the method used in these gadgets. Specific frequencies are used for transmission and a fob located in the keyless remote acts as a central controlling mechanism. Car remotes can thus be used to lock doors of cars from even several feet away and is generally accompanied with a flashing of lamps and a beeping sound to indicate that the signal has been received. Encryption is used to convey signals through radio waves to make sure that the signals are not hacked into by meddlers. Transponder keys use a similar mechanism and help in unlocking the doors based on a transmission sent from the key. Only signals sent from a key programmed to the car will open the door.

Losing or misplacing a car key can result in being denied access to your own car. Traditional locksmith toronto tools like a pin or wedge do not come in handy to deal with the locks that are made using modern technology. Decoders can help in unlocking high security locks, using a key reading mechanism. These are specific to each car and depend on the model and make of your car. Videos explaining the process of programming these decoders to unlock cars are available and can be watched to learn how to open your cars even if you lose the controlling remote or keys. Thus you will no longer need to run to a locksmith for your key woe and you can become your own locksmith.

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