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Locksmith Saint George Lock Team is the 24/7 on call service for any door, lock or key problems that is always ready to come to your help. Call Locksmith Saint George Lock Team today for more information on what they can do for you.

Locksmith Saint George Lock Team

Locksmith Saint George Lock Team

Our locksmith technicians are here for you at all times, providing service to homes, businesses or cars.  We will help you improve the safety and security of your properties. Call our service at any time for more information.

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We want that all of our customers have their home or business correctly ready; to handle any type of attempted break-in. One of the most important parts of being ready; is to know the ways that a criminal may try to enter your home. We find that most times it is the simplest ways to gain access that burglars end up using. Below we have the three most common ways that criminals will attempt to gain access to your residence.

Bump keys are very discreet and easy way for criminals to gain access to your home when you are not there. A bump key is a blank key that has been shaved down; so that it can slide into any lock cylinder. From there all a criminal has to do is apply direct force to the back of the key; and they are easily able to open most standard locks. This method takes criminals only a matter of seconds ;and they can be inside of your home or business.

A way to protect yourself from this is to purchase a bump proof lock; which uses a different cylinder mechanism than standard locks and prevents criminals from bumping the lock. Many people have seen it in movies and have heard of opening a locked door with a credit card before. Credit carding is similar to bump keys however bump keys have a much higher rate of success. The most common place for a door to be unlocked using a credit card ; is in a dorm or apartment setting because only knob locks can be opened using a credit card, deadbolts cannot.

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