Locksmith Hamilton Ontario

At Locksmith Hamilton Ontario we specialize in the absurd.

If you think something can’t be done? we’ve probably done it before.

A lot of locksmith Hamilton companies say they provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week locksmith services. While in realty it’s not exactly the case.  Many of those so called 24hr locksmiths aren’t actually open for business at every hour of the day or night. A lot of them won’t answer the phone after a certain hour of the night or use a subcontractor to do their “after hours” locksmith calls.


What Should you DO?

Obviously no subcontractor will have the dedication that you have to your costumers. Or the will to provide excellent service and preserve the good name and reputation of your business, especially not at 2am!
Locksmith Hamilton Ontario
When it comes to reputation, a good business name and costumer satisfaction is what truly matters. That is our number one goal when it comes to who we are.

Our online reviews on Yelp and Google averages 5 stars across the board. Our clients feedback is constantly reassuring that whatever we’re doing is working right.

We’re truly 24 hours a day, and we’re ALWAYS answering our phone. No matter what time of the day or night it is.  From a simple late night apartment lockout to a lost car key at midnight in the middle of a snow storm. When your’e on the wrong side of alternate side parking , and must move your car off the street. We will be there for you. With in-house locksmith service to fix your emergency the right way.

Locksmith Hamilton Ontario: We Know Quality

Wether it’s a lock replacement due to a lost set of keys or a robbery, we’ll be there with a smile on our face and the right hardware and attitude to get the job done.

In most cases, actually at about 99% of the time, we will be able to supply and install your locks or keys on the same visit or the same day.   Some special safes, unique locks or some very costume metal work and doors would take longer to supply and install.

So be very careful when it comes to emergency locksmith companies in Hamilton and the surrounding areas, it ain’t always what it seems.

Choose right, choose Locksmith Hamilton Ontario.