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Local Windows Repair Company Barrie will help you choose from many services at different prices to find best solutions. Our Local Windows Repair Company Barrie has years of experience and reliable teams to deal with your windows. Local Windows Repair Company Barrie teams are on call day and night, ready to come to your side, in only 20 minutes. Call for us any time – we are here right now!


Local Windows Repair Company Barrie



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If your window is slamming,, it may be time to replace your window closer. It is very common for window closer to only need slight adjustments that may save you hundreds of dollars; in window repairs in the future, and reduce your liability for safety of customers and building occupants.


Local Windows Repair Company Barrie

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Our company employs best locksmiths with the skills necessary to repair or install; residential and commercial window locking hardware, including storefront locking hardware; push bars and alarmed exit devices. We service and install all brands of commercial window hardware. Installing windows with absolute reliability and maintain key control by using high security locks; designed to render bump keys useless. From one window to hundreds, we plan, document, and install high security locks with minimal impact to your work environment.

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We are always prepared for various scenarios in the field and what might be necessary to get the job done. We can help you install or repair any kind of window on your residential or commercial property.  Ready and available 24/7 to install all brands of locks and window locking hardware, our teams come fast to your side.  We install deadbolts, knob locks, lever lock sets and safety compliant hardware.  Also, we install panic exit devices, fire exit devices, magnetic locks, switch locks, window buzzer systems and electric keypad push button locks. Call us 24/7/365 for help!

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Local Windows Repair Company Barrie is a local business that is making sure that the business and residential community; has all the security they need to do their jobs and to protect their property and their people. We specialize is a wide range of services that many have come to enjoy; due to their high level of security and affordability. If you have any kind of window problem we can come and sole them with fast working time and affordable prices.

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