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Local Windows Repair Company Aylmer will leave your property safe and secure with a great window. Our Local Windows Repair Company Aylmer can also take care of cracks in window trim, including windowsills, filling, sanding and painting them. Local Windows Repair Company Aylmer can improve the window’s energy efficiency, cutting the cost of heating and cooling bills. Call for us any time – we are here right now!


Local Windows Repair Company Aylmer



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When in need of a new window, consider all options, but try to purchase the best quality one. Having a broken window frame makes the glass wiggle and eventually break. A window frame is the window’s structural support. Window frames are divided into a head side (the top), sill side (bottom) and jambs (sides). While you’ve probably thought of improving the quality of your glass; to increase thermal insulation, you can do the same for your frames; saving money and making your home more comfortable.


Local Windows Repair Company Aylmer

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Before you choose a window frame, call us for a free estimate. We can also help you choose the right material fit for your property and your budget. Each material has advantages and disadvantages and some frame materials provide more thermal resistance than others. Wood is the classic material, for its warm appearance and its overall energy efficiency. Wood window frames are high maintenance, requiring regular scraping and painting; and prone to wood rot and insect infestation. They’re also on the higher end, cost-wise. Consider cost, energy efficiency and the pros and cons of each material type. Quality windows will pay off in the long run with improved function, durability and energy efficiency.

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First, try to repair any window problem you have. If you’re faced with broken windows, from cracked sills to foggy insulated glass, repair them instead of replacing them. We are always around to help you repair any window. Using weather stripping to plug gaps around sashes; or weather stripping for windows (such as adhesive vinyl and tubular foam); we make sure to allow sashes to open and close. Wood windows, when properly painted and maintained, can last more than 100 years. But even when they look badly damaged, often they can be repaired. We can renew rotted areas with liquid epoxy, which penetrates the wood.

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