Local locksmith Guelph

Local locksmith Guelph

Local locksmith Guelph can improve the security by master keying your facility. We also offer products which protect against the unauthorized duplication of keys.

Did you know that even after you purchase a new home, the locks need to be re-keyed because they have master pins in the cylinder that allow other keys to work the locks?

These pins need to be removed and the locks re-keyed so that only your key works in it.

If the locks are compatible, we can change all your doors where one key opens them all. If needed, we can replace non-compatible locks with compatible ones.Our team is more than willing to visit your home and perform complete deadbolt installation services or help you get back into your home or automobile in a lock-out situation. Call us anytime at; 519-489-0497

Have you locked your keys in your house? Or lost or stolen keys?

We can service and/or adjust your locks so they lock properly again, or replace them with new locks. (We will help you assess the needs and/or advise you about the less costly choice.)
Call us anytime for your free estimate! 519-489-0497

Local locksmith Guelph team of professionals, with many years experience opening vehicles and homes, takes your emergency seriously. We are ready to attend to your urgent lock and security needs. When you call us, you have our full commitment! Reach us at; 519-489-0497


Local locksmith Guelph offers services that cover the full scope of residential security needs. We will assist you in assessing your needs by conducting a Home Security Survey of the premises.

We can be reached 24/7 at; 519-489-0497

Our local locksmiths have the knowledge and experience needed to help you with your deadbolt installations.
We ensure that a professional job is performed each and every time, making sure that we get the job done right the first time.

So call us today!