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A garage door opens and closes at least twice a day. When the door closes the extension spring absorbs most of the weight of the door and stores it as energy. When the door is opened the extension spring releases its energy to lift the door; which can often weigh several hundred pounds and would have been impossible; for the garage door opener to lift by itself. Our teams can repair any garage door. Call us for help 24/7.


Local Garage Door Repair Company Erin 

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Garage springs help lift a door that often weighs hundreds of pounds. If a spring or any other garage door part breaks can lead to unpleasant accidents.  As such you should always call for professional help; when it comes to replacing the garage door springs no matter how much DIY experience you have or how simple it looks to you. A thorough cleaning can help to de-clutter your garage space; which too often becomes a dumping ground for junk that limits the ability to park inside Professional garage door technicians like us; go through lengthy training and have extensive hands on experience regarding the proper way; to handle garage door and their parts.

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Despite garages being one of the most used spaces in homes, they are also commonly the most cluttered. Some garage door setups will use a single extension spring. Although that type of setup is not common and is almost exclusively found on the lightest, cheapest doors.  Inspect your garage door for rust, warping, and other age-related problems. Your garage door has numerous moving parts; such as springs, rollers, tracks, hinges, and pulleys. Spray lubricant can be applied to these parts. A garage door opener is not really what opens the door at all.  It gets the door started and then regulates the movement so that it’s nice and smooth; and neither too fast nor too slow. If in need of any garage door repair or hardware, call us.

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