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A modern garage door has new technologies, including an automatic garage door opener. Upgrading your garage door opener to one that is much quieter and smoother; can make a big difference. Our  technicians will discuss your needs and recommend the best garage door opener; for the type of door and garage construction that you have.


Local Garage Door Repair Company Barrie

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The main step in purchasing a garage door opener is to determine the drive system that your garage door will be using. There are three types of drive systems: belt drive, chain drive and direct drive, each having their own pros and cons. Another important point to be considered in a garage opener system is the horse power and motor warranty. The average lift or drop speed for automatic garage door is 7 inches per second. If the motor is too powerful it can be a safety risk and if not strong enough it can burn out.

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Automatic garage door openers have built in sensor; that can detect anyone’s presence below the garage door shutter. This will prevent the door from accidentally closing on people; or things as well as alert the homeowner in times of danger. Manual garage doors are also easier for intruders to break into; allowing them easy access to your valuables and home. The main benefit of a garage door opener is of course safety. Offering service 24/7, we are here now.

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Our Garage Door Repair Company Barrie takes care of all garage door needs, including automatic openers. Automatic openers are built to withstand typical break-in methods, keeping you and your loved ones safe. These garage door openers can help protect you from the freezing weather; by allowing you to open the door without stepping out of your car. It is much more convenient to just press a button and have the door come down or go up by itself.

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