Landlords – Seek Out a Relationship with a Reliable Locksmith in Edmonton

Locksmiths can be viewed as an unwanted expense, especially during tough economic times. But landlords should pursue a relationship with a locksmith company for a number of reasons. Keep in mind that not all tenants are as trustworthy as they appear on paper. Take this true story about a locksmith in Edmonton who helped save a landlord’s property because he had the experience and instincts to understand that something was amiss:

Joel and Peggy Levins were a couple that owned a rental property in Edmonton. They were doing a routine check of their property when they discovered that the locks had been changed. They couldn’t enter their own property to ensure that it was in working order. Fortunately, they had a relationship with a local locksmith service in Edmonton.

As it turns out, the renter living in the Levin’s property was a hoarder. After the locksmith picked the lock open, he couldn’t open the door because there was so much junk piled up on the other side. The Levins had him open a rear door and they entered a disgustingly trashed kitchen. It reeked. The landlords, shocked by the dirtiness, disarray and debris, could hardly speak. The locksmith smelled putrid decaying food, but he also smelled gas, and alerted the landlords that there was likely a gas leak that should be attended to quickly. They contacted the gas company and found that the locksmith was right. It has taken them months to get the hoarder out and they are at work renovating the home, but they are relieved that the locksmith helped save the property.

Reliable Locksmiths in Edmonton

Establishing a relationship with a reliable locksmith helps to make sure you have modern security measures in place. Unscrupulous tactics are easier to find on the internet with less reputable locksmiths sharing their secrets. But just as the thieves get smarter, so does the industry. Reliable locksmith will use name brand locks such as Schlage and Modecco. With these locks, key duplication requires presentation of I.D. card and authorized signature. Patented technology ensures that standard keys won’t enter high security protected cylinders. Alternatively, it is not only possible, but relatively inexpensive to install electronic access control systems that don’t even work with a key. When you consider the costs and hassle associated with installing locks and rekeying an entire apartment complex, these access control systems become a bargain.

Relationship with Locksmiths

Finally, a relationship with a locksmith service allows you to get better pricing than a typical client. Most locksmiths value repeat business. They create separate pricing for clients that continually use their products and services. If you are using different locksmiths for each project, you are missing out on these savings. It is similar to a business traveler who doesn’t add up frequent flier miles, because he isn’t enrolled in a loyalty program.