Kitchener Locksmiths Unit

Kitchener Locksmiths Unit is coming to your side in 15 to 20 minutes when you want our help in hanging some doors on your property. Having one of our Kitchener Locksmiths Unit teams to help, is  a fast process. Call our Kitchener Locksmiths Unit toll free number at any time!

Kitchener Locksmiths Unit

Kitchener Locksmiths Unit

Barn doors are lately in use in homes as a new way of decorating the interior in a rustic and yet modern way. We have customer calling us when they need to be sure they are functioning properly. Our services are available around the clock, all 24 hours of the day.

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Barn doors go on horizontal tracks and roll open, remaining relatively flat against adjoining walls. Since the weight of a barn door is distributed over the width of its track; a heavier- or larger-than-usual door can be accommodated.

Using barn doors at home is a common practice of architects, designers; and home owners whose aim is to create a better “flow” without sacrificing the ability; to partition spaces for private use. Where floor space is limited, barn doors are an ideal solution.

To choose the correct hardware, match the weight of the barn door/panel you plan to use; with the weight-bearing capacity of the hardware. Before deciding on your application, be sure that there is enough wall space available; (to the right or left of the door opening) to accommodate the track and the open door. Standard track lengths are typically about 70 to 94 inches; but custom lengths are also available.

The most industrial-looking version is I-beam, or box rail, hardware. Flat track hardware is simple and unassuming; take for example the product above, with its black enamel finish and vertical bar-style hangers.

Rustic, hammered finishes are also available. A spoke wheel can be chosen for a more down-home look; and some kits even come with a Western horseshoe-shaped hanger. Tubular Hanging Door Track in Stainless steel are also available. Modernists need not shy away from using barn doors at home. A stainless finish is an easy way to update the look, making it cleaner and lighter than those black finishes that are designed to mimic iron.

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