Kitchener Lock Rekey


If it is time to take a closer look at how your home and all the valuable things within are being kept safe and secure, looking into replacing the keys or locks is a very good, affordable option.
Kitchener Lock Rekey technicians carry a range of home lock options and the tools to install them so you can choose when and what type of lock change to make.

Our home locksmith experts also have the skills to alter your existing good-condition locks to accept different keys.
This process of rekeying will mean that keys that have been lost or fallen into unwelcome hands become useless and you alone hold all the keys to your home.

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Kitchener Lock Rekey offers exceptional lock rekey services for cars, homes, and business.
Our 24 hour service exists for the purpose of providing our knowledge skills around the clock.

As we all know, locksmith emergencies tend to not consider our busy schedules before they manifest themselves.

If you need to rekey one or even ten locks, know that we can come see you the same day you call.
We are typically on site in 30 minutes or less; however, we are also available by appointment.

Whether you need the service ASAP or make an appointment for another day, we’re here to help!
We never charge more for coming out in the wee hours of the morning or even for emergency lock rekey service.

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To rekey lock in Kitchener, please call Kitchener Lock Rekey for professional assistance.


While it is to bring a lock to a locksmith and have the technician rekey the lock on site, it is much less practical to do this if the locks are already installed.
Locksmiths associated with our company have been professionally trained to operate and rekey locks on cars, homes, and businesses.

All of our services are backed by a limited time warranty, so we highly encourage letting the professionals safely handle the locks in order to prevent or minimize damage.

If you are replacing locks on your doors or if you are installing new locks, let us kill two birds with one stone!
We can rekey any locks that we replace or install to match the other locks of your home or business.

We also consider it a high priority of new homeowners to rekey every lock in their home upon buying the house.
It can be hard to trust a complete stranger that had access to one or more of your locks.

Rekeying the locks is cheap, quick, and prevents anyone with an old key from coming in willy nilly.
After we rekey the locks, no old keys (including yours) will work, so our technician will provide new ones.
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