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What Do you do when you lose your keys in the Kitchener area? Give Kitchener Locksmith a call, they know what to do when Keys Locked In Car Kitchener Locksmith will be sure to help.

Hopefully you have an extra set of keys, at least to get into your home. Although if not, do not worry as a Qualified Locksmith can get you in your home usually by picking the lock. If this is the case you will want the locksmith to re key the lock cylinder as well. So that if someone does have your keys the key that they have for your home will no longer work.

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If you have lost the only set of keys for your automobile that is another issue, Yes a locksmith can make a key to your car. Also, if its older than 1997 they will most likely be able to get the key code by calling a service that gets key codes by your cars vin number. The locksmith will be able to cut the mechanical key that will actually turn the ignition lock cylinder.

However, on a lot of cars today they require a computer chip key to send a signal to the computer in the car which will then send the signal to start. The process of programming the key is different in most cars and requires the locksmith to have computer key coding equipment. This equipment is very expensive which in turn means that the key replacement will be expensive. Usually 250-500 dollars depending on the model make and year of the car. The process could take up from an hour to an hour and a half to cut and program the key once the locksmith is on site.

Keys Locked In Car Kitchener Locksmith

Another solution for unlocking the car is simply using airbags. This process is better suited if you know you had not lost your keys, but simply locked them inside. When the Keys Locked In Car Kitchener Locksmith knows how to get them out. The Locksmith will open your vehicle within moment, so you can go on with your day.

There are many locksmiths out there but just be careful. There have been a lot of recent reports of some scamming locksmiths, they seem to be local but some will be coming from further away. Simply remember to ask questions while your are ordering your service. A nice friendly voice behind the phone will usually give a good clue.

What To Do Next

One, ask if they are local and ask if they know of a landmark near you that only someone that lives and works in the area would know. If they ask what is your zip code they are most likely located in another state and are usually nowhere near you and will send a non professional locksmith with little or no experience to attempt to rip you off.

Again, keep us in mind when you need your car unlocked. Keys Locked In Car Kitchener Locksmith will know what to do when this occurs, we will most likely be there within 20 minutes or less.