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Key Emergency Locksmith Woodstock has real talent beside training and knowledge, in how to deal with any kind of key, lock or door situation. Calling Key Emergency Locksmith Woodstock makes sure you receive the best service in the area. Our Key Emergency Locksmith Woodstock team is fast, mobile and with all tools handy. Call us 24/7!

Key Emergency Locksmith Woodstock

Key Emergency Locksmith Woodstock


When trying to save some money by opening an auto without a locksmith, there are few methods that might help. Probably the most important thing to do is stop for a moment and check every door to the car. If one of the doors is open than the issue is over before it really began. While manually checking to see if all the doors are firmly locked, have a look at the windows also. If by any chance any of them are down just enough to insert an arm into, it might be practical to stretch and open one of the doors.

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If, by any chance, you happen to own an auto made any time in the early 90’s, you could try opening the vehicle using something called ‘Slim Jim’ or similar device. Possibly even a simple coat hanger can work by sliding the device down next to the window. The hook at the end will attach to the cable which controls the lock. A quick pull up and with hope the lock may disengage. Modern vehicles, however, have mechanism to prevent this sort of hack, so do not do it if you’re driving a new vehicle.

Finally, unless it is absolutely urgent, never break the window trying to get back in the auto. You could potentially have some serious injuries; and it most likely also be very expensive to fix. Insurance firms will not pay for the cost either, since you broke it on your own.

Call for our specialist who can come and open your car on the spot and with no harm. We have trained locksmiths on call, and ready to come to you and get you back in your vehicle.

We are always open to help if you have locked yourself out of the car. In most cases we can have a qualified auto locksmith sent to your location within 15-20 minutes of the phone call. Each of our locksmiths has the training and experience required to safely open all kinds of vehicle doors. Don’t trust your precious car doors to just anyone, call Key Emergency Locksmith Woodstock to get it done right the first time.