Key Emergency Locksmith Guelph

Key Emergency Locksmith Guelph offer re-keying lock services, as is usually a cheaper option as it does not require the purchase of a complete new lock. When you want to check the safety of keys and locks, call for our Key Emergency Locksmith Guelph. Call Key Emergency Locksmith Guelph today!

Key Emergency Locksmith Guelph

Key Emergency Locksmith Guelph

Changing a lock and re-keying a lock are two different methods that are available to customers looking to replace the keys used to open up a lock.

Changing a lock requires a locksmith to remove the entire lock mechanism on your door and replace it with a brand new one. Re-keying a lock involves altering the inside of the current lock so that only new keys constructed by the locksmith can unlock the door and the old keys that used to open up a lock can no longer do so.

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You should change a lock or re-key a lock after a break-in, if you lost or had your keys stolen; have new roommates or tenants move in or just due to normal wear and tear caused by usage.

If your house or apartment has been broken into we highly recommend to change out the lock completely; and install a new one in its place. In most cases a lock that has been broken into will no longer work; and therefore a re-key is not a possible option. If you lose your keys, you lock can be either replaced or re-keyed. Once a lock is re-keyed, new keys will be given to you and other authorized users and the old keys will no longer work.

Replacing or re-keying locks whenever tenants or roommates change; will insure peace of mind knowing previous residents are not able to re-enter your home or property; without your authorization. Even if old tenants have returned their keys you can never be sure if older copies that may have been made and may still be available to them for use. Re-keying or changing your locks will ensure the safety and security of your property and/or current residents.

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After a few years of locking and unlocking your door lock, the security level of the lock is lower; due to normal use wear and tear. Updating your doors with new locks are a great way to help prevent future break-ins; due to the failure of a heavily used lock.

After buying a new home, we recommend to change out all the locks; regardless of who the previous owners or tenants were. Changing the locks will provide the first line of security against unwanted intruders; in your home and offer you peace of mind for years to come.

Generally speaking it is usually cheaper to re-key your lock then replacing it. Always consult our locksmith regarding the best options that are available for your specific lock type and situation. Some situations may call for you to replace the entire lock; but if re-keying a lock is an available option for your locks it can save you money and offer you a safe and secured solution. Call Key Emergency Locksmith Guelph for more info or to change or re-key a lock. Call us 24/7!