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Are you worried about your home or property? Are you losing your sleep over whether your valuable commodities and family are safe? Do you have doubts over your security system? If your answer is yes- then you are probably searching for us- Locksmith Montreal, the perfect answer for all your locking needs.


Locksmith Montreal was formed by Arkwright. From our very inception, we have strived to provide you with assured and honest service in the local markets as well as outside town. Our target market has been both domestic households and commercial establishments- because we know that both these places require the optimum security arrangements. So, it does not matter whether it is your house or your office; consider us your ally in preventing thefts.


Montreal Locksmith works on a 24×7 basis. Be it day or night we are just a call away! We carry all sorts of equipments for your comprehensive need, which includes over 3000 key blanks. Our vehicles are fitted with sat-nav and have its own power supply. We offer you the best locks available internationally, newest gadgets for security, your much-needed burglary repairing and retouching and of course solid insurance deals that are sure to give you safety and surety. We are also experts in repairing UPVC windows and doors.


You can consider us your neighbourhood locksmith and our reputation have increased over the years by word-of-mouth publicity. We offer work in partnerships with property owners, estate agents, insurance firms, management specialists, disaster management groups etc, for your all-round needs. May it be an appointment or an emergency; you will find us with you, always.


Often people are under the impression that their houses are secured from inside and out. However, burglary records prove otherwise. Statistics have shown that your everyday locking systems are not at all sufficient in preventing a well-prepared burglary. ‘Efficient’ burglars can crack the best of pin and tumbler locks in no time at all.


The commonly used locking systems were invented in the 1800s and have not been updated since and hence making the work of the thief’s work very easy. Today with the Internet, people can now learn how to crack the ‘safest’ of locks.


In this scenario, we are your only security hope! And the best part is, it is not important to shell out large sums of money to protect your valuables. While others charge exorbitant prices for refitting your house/office with the updated security systems, we provide you the same service in much cheaper price.


Security experts claim that single outer door is not sufficient in stopping a burglary. You need more sophisticated equipments that only we cam provide. We give you a combination of two locks that does the trick for you. A popular and convenient lock that snaps closed when the bevelled latch seats into a striker plate is called the ‘spring-latch’ lock. However, this lock too can be easily opened by inserting through the frame a thin blade between the latch and the plate. Thus, another latch for added protection should be placed after the spring lock.


Another type of latch is called the ‘Dead Bolt’ latch, which is rectangular and acts as a bolt between the frame and the door. This is the best choice as an auxiliary lock to any conventional one. This is because this lock is difficult to force open.


The third type of lock is termed as ‘Barrel-type’ lock. This is very similar to the previous type but this is primarily used for interior security systems. It is normally used with an inexpensive normal latch.


‘Chain’ locks complement other interior locks. The best thing about this one is that it can be partially opened to view outside or exchange things like mails but stops the intruder form entering forcefully.


For your new home always use the best possible locking combinations and you can get the best advice from Locksmith Montreal.

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