Robust Your Security With High Security Locks

After an emergency has occurred, discussing key storage cabinet or commercial locks is a kind of ‘after the horses have bolted’ talk. But, the talk helps to prevent repetition. A number of new key cabinets and improved High Security Locks have come into stores to help beef up security.

Protect the Key itself:

Though highly inconvenient to accept, the fact is; stolen keys are at the root of most thefts. Installing high-end commercial locks may not be of much avail, if someone steals the keys. Businesses have suffered severe losses and embarrassment in many cases, where stolen have been used to pilfer access cards, alarm codes, IT passwords, and PIN numbers.

Key controller box is a unique devise to protect master keys, cash box keys and such very important keys. Of course, this is strictly and emergency measure; the only way to take out the contents is to break the key less box open. Non-electronic, water resistant and costing a little over $30, this key storage cabinet can be thought of as key to the key.

Key storage cabinet helps controlling issue of keys for day-to-day usage, Models vary for storing anywhere from 30 to 60 keys, manually or electronically operated; most of these are available in neutral colors and look well on any type of wall.

Lock Talk:

Hundreds of types of commercial locks, keyless locks, dead bolts, hospital push/pulls, entrance knob operated and so on are available. Ensure that you buy ANSI standard commercial locks. The grades indicate the strength, materials, fire resistance, finish, and other parameters.

For storerooms and robust security areas, heavy-duty Grade-1 lever commercial locks, (in extremely attractive satin chrome finish,) are ideal. The stainless steel latch bolt, 6-cylinder models are non-corrosive and are difficult to pick. Keyless remotely operated electric strike locks, furnished with 24V/12V DC are useful for front entrances and gates: security person or the receptionist can open or lock the door without leaving their place. These are for installation on wood frames and have built-in provision for electrical connections. Though categorized as commercial locks, they are attractive, reasonably priced, and quite helpful at large homes and apartments.

High Security Locks Installation