Guelph Locksmith Locks Duty

Guelph Locksmith Locks Duty team is always available to come to your help and install any lock, change a lock or re-key a lock. Whenever you want help with door, locks or keys, our Guelph Locksmith Locks Duty team is your best service provider in the area. Call for our help today!

Guelph Locksmith Locks Duty

Guelph Locksmith Locks Duty

Every one trusts security door locks for the safety of their homes and offices. Security locks prevent thieves and intruders from breaking into one’s premises. These are very important, be it interior or security ones. Security ones are generally used on the exterior doors to ensure the security of home or any other private place.

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You can find a wide variety of door and window locks in the market such as sash, dead and bathroom door locks etc. Some can be used only from the inside and some have keys made up of metal and some plastic. Some of the most popular finishes of these products that are being widely used are polished brass, polished chrome, stain chrome, nickel, brass, stainless brass and stainless steel.

There are several online stores for locks that offer high quality products at reasonable rates. They offer different products such as locks, door bolts, architectural tubular deadbolts, flat bathroom deadbolts and more.

For a typical home, regular locks are most common. Interior locks such as bedroom ones have beautiful design to add beauty to the overall interior of the home. On the other hand, exterior ones are in need for security reasons so they are from solid material. Guelph Locksmith Locks Duty is always around, 24 hours a day, and we are coming to you in 20 minutes. Call us now!

Bathroom locks: These are used for privacy reasons, and not security reasons; therefore, they don’t have the cylinders and keys. They have only an internal locking mechanism. These come in beautiful finishes of nickel, satin, polished chrome and brass.
Dead bolt locks: These are the best security locks as they provide extra strength and security. Such types of locks provide excellent protection against all risks. Two most popular finishes of these products are stainless brass and stainless steel.