Guelph Locksmith Help

Guelph Locksmith Help will come to your new home and help you change the locks around your property, on the inside or on the exterior doors. Call Guelph Locksmith Help day or night, as we put your safety and security first. Guelph Locksmith Help is fast, having all what we need in our mobile shop. Call us 24/7!

Guelph Locksmith Help

Guelph Locksmith Help

It’s so exciting to be given the keys to your new home after signing stacks of paperwork. You may be tempted to not change the locks, but have you thought about all the people who may have a key to what is now your home. While the keys are new to you, the prior homeowner may have given a copy to some trusted neighbors, friends, and family members. These people are not trusted to you!

There are a couple ways to change locks. For those not so handy or not having any extra time, you can call our locksmith to come to your home. They should be able to change the locks so that they all use the same key.

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It’s important to check all smoke detectors to make certain that they are working. You should change the batteries or you may need to replace the whole device. You should have at least one carbon monoxide detector. Again, is this device working properly? Typically these need to be replaced more often than the smoke detectors.

Now that you’ve moved, whether into a new community or not, do you know all the important phone numbers that you may need to call? What if it’s night time and the power goes out? What if you hear someone prowling around your home? For the first situation you need the number of the power company, while 911 will work for the latter.

Using the services of our mobile locksmith can help get you out of almost all lockout situations or even key repair and key duplication. Best of all, they provide you immediate and successful service. You simply can’t go wrong if you call for their services. We are sending out experienced and thoroughly trained locksmiths to do the job.
Guelph Locksmith Help has the best tools and equipment ready to assist you with a new lock. Call us 24/7!