Fast Hamilton Locksmiths Unit

Fast Hamilton Locksmiths Unit is actively helping everyone that calls with doors, locks or keys problems, making your day better in minutes. Calling for our Fast Hamilton Locksmiths Unit help makes us coming to you in 15 to 20 minutes. Call Fast Hamilton Locksmiths Unit today!

Fast Hamilton Locksmiths Unit

Fast Hamilton Locksmiths Unit

We are going to make your door functioning properly again, so you will enjoy using your doors. One of our teams will find the best method to make it work, whenever you call for our help. We are a professional service offered 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your entire door needs.

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There are five methods that work when dealing with a sticky door. First, is finding the problem area, then addressing seasonal sticking.  Lubricating the hinges, or tightening the hinge screws, or trimming the door if needed. 

To find the problem area is the main issue here. If you want to do it yourself, you should examine the door first with your eyes. Look for scratches in the paint or any other noticeable damages to the door and frame. Also check for grime or any sticky buildup that may just need to be cleaned. Close the door and run your eyes along the gap between the door and the frame, noting places where the gap is very thin.

It is also useful to run a piece of heavy stock paper around the closed door. This is very useful if you can’t determine where the door is sticking by physically examining it. The paper should glide smoothly around most of the door. Wherever the piece of paper gets stuck is the problem area. 

If this did not help, you can look for sticking areas as you open or close the door. Try closing the door with your hands on the bottom, the side, and the top. This will allow you to feel where there is the most resistance as you close it. Fast Hamilton Locksmiths Unit can always come to your help. Call us day or night, weekend or holiday for help!