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Fast Hamilton Locksmith is going to recommend the best lock to the doors you have, making sure to keep you safe and secure in your property. Being safe and secure in your home, car or business is the most important thing, so call for our Fast Hamilton Locksmith to help you. Call Fast Hamilton Locksmith with any question or service you want.

Fast Hamilton Locksmith

Fast Hamilton Locksmith


We are around the area for any commercial and public building that you want an exit device on.  Our service can set your commercial property up with a variety of bars; including ones that have alarms on them for maximum security.  We provide a panic bar fresh installation service at an affordable price.

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A panic bar is a locking mechanism that operates when pressure is on it. You don’t need a key to unlock it – just a push is all that is necessary. During regular situations, even children can push down on the panic bar to get it open. During panic situations, it’s possible for people to ‘crash’ into the door; and the device will trigger after a certain amount of weight has been placed on it.

An exit device – known also as a panic, push and crash bar – allows people to exit the building quickly; during emergencies, such as a fire. If you want a new exit device for your building call us. We have many types of push bars in our inventory that you can pick from.

Panic bars are designed for quick exit during emergency situations, provided they are installed correctly. They keep the door locked from the outside, and can only be opened from the inside. Our panic bar installation service can either install a single type of panic bar; or a combination of panic bars, depending on the doors in question. Panic bars can be mounted on both single entry as well as double entry doors.

We also offer free consultations. Fast Hamilton Locksmith will examine the layout of your property; take your preferences and budget under consideration, and then give you some expert recommendations.

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