Fast Emergency Locksmith Cambridge

Fast Emergency Locksmith Cambridge has you back with any kind of lock and door problems; you encounter when inside or outside your home. Also you can trust our Fast Emergency Locksmith Cambridge to help you with locks and doors problems with you car or business place. Call for our Fast Emergency Locksmith Cambridge to supply the locks you need!

Fast Emergency Locksmith Cambridge

Fast Emergency Locksmith Cambridge

We know that adding door hardware accessories while replacing your locks may spice up your door’s security. Call our service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with the high safety and security your property deserves.

There are many door lock accessories, which exist in the market, that provide that extra layer of added protection. Let us discuss some of these products in detail; show you what they are and what do each accomplish.

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Standard cylinders constructed of five pins can be manipulated with pick tools. High-security lock cylinders get manufactured in ways which prevent lock picking techniques from achieving their goals.

Cylinder Guard Plate. A cylinder guard plate adequately mounted on top of the cylinder prevents the drilling of the set-screws that secure the lock cylinder. As opposed to most surface mount locks which screw onto the door, the guard plate is bolted-thru.

Preventing the break-in technique of latch shimming with a latch guard may be essential to your door security efforts. Consider getting a latch guard to protect that easily accessible and vulnerable latch-bolt. A Jimmy Bar, acts as double protection for both the bottom and top locks. It does mostly what the Latch Guard does, but protects both the latch and bolt apart from each other.

A door chain or door guard allows you to open the door slightly and see who’s on the other side; before allowing full access to someone you may or may not know. Fast Emergency Locksmith Cambridge can also install any other locks. Door closer construction is hydraulic; which gives it more oomph and is more reliable in doing the job consistently. While there are many products on the market, consult us all 24/7 on which closer your door requires.